The spirit of wine flows untiringly and spreads out making circles; it runs down from the top, from the sky down to the earth, from light to shadow, vine to cellar, juice to wine, vat to bottle, from here to there, the East to the West, to the end of the seas, to the other side of the nights where seasons merge, in the heart of treeless cities and uprooted men, between wall and dust.
 Wine is the rock of laugh, the renewed sun, the boozed book, the free glass, the remembered dream.
This is wine, the song of the universe. A.O.



Is there anything harder to understand than Alsace wine and all its crus, lieux-dits, grapes varieties ? To make it easier to understand our production, “A few key points” sums up the most important facts to know about the Domaine.



Vins de Fruit


Vins de Fruit are the primary expression of the varietal, prevailing over terroir.

They are blends of various terroirs leading to complex wines with distinctive rich aromas. These luscious and easy wines enable many different food matches. While they can keep, all Vins de Fruit drink delightfully in the first years to enjoy their lively character.


You can read the fact sheet for each wine by clicking on the label. 


 Ostertag Les Vieilles Vignes de Sylvaner 2013


Ostertag Riesling Vignoble d'E 2013Ostertag Gewurztraminer Vignoble d'E 2013

Ostertag Pinot Blanc Barriques 2013Ostertag Pinot Gris Barriques 2012Ostertag Pinot Noir Rouge E 2013





 Vins de Pierre


Vins de Pierre express the disctinctive features of one terroir in particular. Each wine bears the DNA of its origin and some spots happen to have a soul or some kind of energy. Quite often, these are places that were planted in vines a long time ago, back to pioneering Cistercian Monks who made today’s great vineyards.
There, varietal does not prevail and is used to bring the earth and sky to life.
Vine roots draw the subsoil’s elements with their slightest differences, then release the minerality of source rock into the grapes.
Leaves grow to the sky and talk to the universe, focusing the stars’ and sky’s energy into the fruit.
Christine Colin’s following wine labels provide us with her views of each terroir’s distinctive character. 





The spirit of quartz and lunar night pieces
A bright lonely island scattered to the wind
Proud and undemanding


Ostertag Fronholz Muscat 2013Ostertag Fronholz Riesling 2013Ostertag Fronholz Pinot Gris 2013Ostertag Fronholz Pinot Noir 2013




The sun’s hot blood
heats up our languid hearts





a shelter
where to deploy silence


Ostertag Heissenberg Riesling 2012 Domaine Ostertag Clos Mathis Riesling 2013 Domaine Ostertag Zellberg Pinot Gris 2013






Fascinating sandstone
wildly ondulating
the skin is lively and warm
animal bowels lapping up light


Domaine Ostertag Muenchberg Grand Cru Riesling 2013 Domaine Ostertag Muenchberg Grand Cru Riesling 2013 Domaine Ostertag Muenchberg Grand Cru Riesling 2013



Spittings of limestone
rock to rock
whitish bowels in the pink rounded top of the hill
intermingled fleshes
the mix of revival


Domaine Ostertag A360P Muenchberg Grand Cru Pinot Gris 2013




Vins de Temps


With Vins de Temps, the word ʽTempsʼ becomes a ʻfull-timeʼ creative partner that bears in itself the whole symbolic strength of its double-sided meaning.
First, ʽTempsʼ refers to the weather conditions of the vintage and they have to be exceptional, that is: Warm and sunny to allow for the vine’s great ripeness and early life cycle, bright fall with mist in the mornings followed by sunny weather, not too much heat so the noble rot wizard, i.e. Botrytis Cinerea, can serenely make its ʽpositive destructionʼ job.
But ʽTempsʼ also means the vintner’s endless patience. Indeed, one has to learn how to smell the sky’s mood  and to wait and see -no rush nor lethal lethargy. How many times were grapes picked either too early to reach full maturity, or too late, drowning with body and soul under crafty and deadly rains coming from the West?
Somehow, Vins de Temps are a mind-boggling and dangerous puzzle involving men and the sky; a risky, patient and instinctive game with access to the amazing world of dessert wines at stake.  




Ostertag Fronholz Gewurztraminer 2012




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