A few impressions about the 2014s after bottling

2014 : Very last impressions after the autumn bottling

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The more I taste my 2014s the more they remind me of a group of high-spirited colts.

Right before the bottling, the wines were superb, agile and unworried just like these young colts frolicking through their meadow, suprised by every new sensation their bodies perceive.

Then comes the time of the bottling, a tough experience for young undisciplined wines.

It’s like the moment when the colt is freed from the meadow that sheltered him all his youth, but to discover what’s on the other side of the fence, he must tolerate the halter of men and then the colt stiffens inevitably, he tenses up heart and soul and rebels desperately.

The 2014s had a similar reaction to the bottling, and their delicate innocence vanished into a general clenching which blocked the wines .

But slowly they released tension, retrieving their self-confidence, first the Vins de Fruit and then the others, seemingly following a hierarchic order, the greatest and often the proudest last, the Muenchberg barely deigning to loosen one eyelash.

This is why my 2014s remind me so much of these young and proud colts, these future purebred ready to defy space for endless and fantastic cavalcades.

2014 is undoubtedly a purebred vintage, with a lot of character and class, one that will comfortably withstand time. It is a sculptural vintage, made of muscle and finesse, with an incredible energy, a palpable and reinvigorating energy, capable of cheering up even the most demotivated ones.

« What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger » was my very first impression about this vintage. In the end, after having overcome many ordeals, 2014 turns out to be built to really last.


André Ostertag, 24 november 2015

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